Herbert Njom Munde, CGA,CPA,ACCA 

Herbert is a professional accountant with ten years’ experience spanning financial reporting, taxation and auditing. Herbert has led many teams performing due diligence reports on various International organizations including some World Bank projects. Competent, committed and enthusiastic, Herbert has not only demonstrated the ability to work under pressure and to plan and organize successfully to meet tight deadlines, he has leveraged on his interpersonal skills in delivering results. He is a composed and organized individual, can multitask and never shies away from responsibilities. His decisions on financial matters has helped many companies to grow significantly. Herbert is always comfortable to step out of the box and stretches himself with new challenges and opportunities. His greatest technical strength is exhibiting a strong sense of balance between his competencies and knowledge in fundamental accounting combined with his ability to be analytical about business issues. This is a rare combination which has allowed him to succeed in various roles. Clients will get greater value from him.


 Judith Mbeleke, CGA,CPA,ACCA 

Judith is a bilingual professional accountant with over ten years

 of practical experience in both private and public sector. She has

a solid hands-on Canadian and US GAAP due to her roles in preparation of monthly financial statements and related financial reports and tax returns for CRA(Full cycle accounting exposure with record to report). She also helped in the administration of the payroll and coordinated many audit processes with external audits. Her close attention to detail has resulted in meticulous and accurate work coupled with her soft skills for good relationships. Understanding clients’ needs and Delivering value to them is at the core of her work ethics. She PRIDES herself in ensuring that whatever she touches comes out in a better position than when she received it. Judith’s communication skills are very strong and she balances her ability to get to the point without being abrupt, a scarce resource in today’s work environment. Her accomplishments speaks for themselves. 


Natty Choimah Eugene, CGA,CPA,FCCA,MBA 


Phone:  780-208-3810 

Email:  Enatty@efficiencysolutionscenter.com

Fax:  587-523-0180 

Eugene is a bilingual accounting professional with twenty years’ experience in the accounting and finance world. Eugene began his career in public practice before moving to industry. Results oriented individual, Eugene has the propensity for developing and growing talent as a strong people manager with a passion for success. A natural leader with the ability to make tough decisions and willingness to roll up his sleeves daily to get the desired outcome and exceed expectations. Eugene has worked across three continents, with diverse operations from manufacturing to service organizations,has leveraged on his relationship driven abilities to deliver results across multiple disciplines and partnerships spanning Finance, Strategy, Marketing, IS, Procurement, HR, Supply chain and Sales. Strong international track record across developed and emerging markets with regional and in-country roles and responsibilities. With his strategic thinking mindset, analytical ability and leadership, he has played pivotal roles in devising and executing strategies that have led to enhanced business performances. He is an individual with top level knowledge of the changing financial situation and current economic trends. With a track record of successes saving businesses $m, taking up challenging business startups or turning around failed businesses, Eugene has always used his “back to basics” approach for continuous business improvements whether it be processes, people, systems, tools, interactions, reports…. In every situation he tries to improve, excel and eventually achieve (simple business processes, greater deliverables!). Compliant on ALL audits, taxation and controls reporting with CRA and other regulatory agencies. Eugene’s track record speaks to his abilities, accomplishments and his quality of work. Eugene delivers on the promise!